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WNA -Who We Are

The Westgate Neighbors Association (WNA) was formed in 2008 with the mission of preserving, improving, and enhancing the viability, livability, and overall quality of life for residents of Westgate.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit civic organization, composed of residents, business owners, and others interested in supporting our mission. The following principles guide our actions:

  • Promote community spirit among residents, businesses, organizations, and the surrounding neighborhoods
  • Restore, preserve, and maintain the character and distinct qualities of Westgate and its surrounding communities
  • Represent the interests of the residents of Westgate before governmental bodies
  • Work in cooperation with existing organizations on issues that impact Westgate
  • Encourage the development and retention of businesses that benefit the community
  • Engage and educate neighbors regarding issues of interest to our community
  • Promote the amenities and quality of life available in Westgate to those outside the neighborhood
  • Sponsor neighborhood projects and social events

Upcoming Board Vacancies

This October, we will be electing a new Vice PresidentTreasurer and Member at Large.  If you are excited about Westgate and want to serve your community, email news@westgateneighbors.org

Community meetings will be held the last Tuesday of May, August, and October at 7:00 p.m.
Meetings will be held at Parkview United Methodist Church, 344 S. Algonquin Ave. 
General meetings are held quarterly and are open to all. Meetings address topics of interest, issues affecting our area, implementation of projects, and upcoming social events.


Membership in WNA is open to everyone who is interested in contributing to the betterment of the neighborhood.

Why Join WNA?

  • make a difference where you live
  • involved neighbors care
  • demonstrate pride and lend your voice
  • regularly emailed newsletters
  • voting rights in WNA

For more information about becoming a member click here.

Accomplishments, Projects & Visions

  • Collaborate with area civic groups
  • Support and promote Friends of Westgate Park initiatives, programs, and projects
  • Award an annual postsecondary education scholarship
  • Sponsor and support Westgate Farmers Market
  • Support Columbus Westside Running Club and sponsor Hilltop U.S.A. 5K
  • Celebrated our 10 year anniversary
  • Created Celebrating Westgate, a book dedicated to preserving a slice of history through historical notes, collected memories, recipes and photos. It may be purchased on our website, Westgate Salon, Westgate Farmers Market at the WNA table, and events.
  • Recognition of the WNA scholarship recipient for commitment to community service and leadership

2022 Westgate Neighbors Association Board

Upcoming Board Vacancies

This October, we will be electing a new Vice PresidentTreasurer and Member at Large.  If you are excited about Westgate and want to serve your community, email news@westgateneighbors.org

Executive Committee

Michael Blake

Ralph Hickman

Jon Houze

Joe VanHorn   

Robin Bennett

Board Members

Andy Lucas
Nathan Helsinger
David Jennings
Jennifer Morrison
Jen Axe
Kelli Blinn
Robin Bennett
Gabbi Atwell-Raymond
Garrett Raymond
Dheeman Siad
Vanessa Corral


Neighborhood Partners

Sue Laughlin, Friends of Westgate Park  
David Jennings, WNA Social Media Manager 
Alan Jazak, Website Manager 
Tasha Corson, Official Westgate Blockwatch 
JR McMillan, Westgate Watch 

WNA Committees


An opportunity to showcase our unique area, the Westgate Home and Garden Tour has welcomed hundreds of guests and future residents. The committee plans, coordinates, supervises and implements all aspects of the event. We encourage ambassadors to attend at least one Westgate Home and Garden Tour before becoming a tour ambassador. For more information or to become and ambassador contact us. 

The committee coordinates activities during the annual  membership drive in June. For more information or to become an ambassador contact us.

Building and maintaining neighborhood connections is the number one priority of the Community Enhancement Committee. The Committee plans multiple events over the year to provide opportunities for neighbors to come together. Events such as a cocktail party, a Westgate Night out private-event at Columbus Brewing Company and Music on the Porch all enhance our neighborhood togetherness. For more information or to become an ambassador contact us.

A fall festival of garden mums, games, trunk or treat, food and drink and costume contests for kids, adults and our pets in Westgate Park! This is a FREE neighborhood event and is co-hosted with Friends of Westgate Park (FOWP). There is also a bake sale fundraiser for FOWP.  The committee plans, coordinates, supervises and implements all aspects of the event. For more information or to become an ambassador contact us.

Ambassadors take the opportunity to personally welcome new residents to Westgate by delivering welcome packets which include information about WNA, trash and recycling, neighborhood events, and more. For more information or to become an ambassador contact us.

Committee members review, update and communicate the application process, and determine the recipient. For more information or to become an ambassador contact us. 

Westgate has become a hotspot on StreetFoodFinder.com and has gained popularity among central Ohio food truck operators! Scheduling food trucks is one of our favorite tasks to coordinate and volunteers have FUN bringing new food options each month to Westgate! For more information or to become an ambassador contact us.


Things ambassadors can do:

  • Deliver new neighbor welcome packets
  • Coordinate food truck visits
  • Sell ads and tickets for Home and Garden Tour
  • Help select scholarship recipient
  • Coordinate ambassadors for our events
  • Storyteller at Mums and Mummies
  • Advocate for Westgate and so much more!

Want to learn more about becoming an ambassador? Contact us below!

Westgate The Neighborhood

Westgate is one of the most unique neighborhoods in all of Columbus. It’s eclectic, active, and beautifully and lovingly maintained. See what we’re bragging about!

Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship


Applications accepted in March

The Westgate Neighbors Association Scholarship was established in 2015 as an extension of our mission to “help our community thrive”. The $1000 postsecondary education scholarship is funded by a portion of the proceeds from the Westgate Home & Garden Tour. It is awarded annually to a qualified resident of Westgate who contributes to the betterment of their community through their demonstrated service and leadership. While GPA and course selection are considered, the committee is focused more on the candidates’ involvement with their communities.

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  • Live within the boundaries of the Westgate neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio OR attend West High School. (Boundaries for the purpose of this scholarship are from the south side of West Broad Street to the the north side of Sullivant Avenue, and from the west side of South Hague Avenue to the west side of Demorest Road.)
  • Be a full-time student who will be attending a college or vocational school for the 2023-2024 academic year.

If it is determined by the scholarship committee that none of the applicants meet the eligibility requirements, or embody the standards by which the scholarship was established, we reserve the right not to award the scholarship for the current year.

  1. Complete the (interactive PDF) Application.
  2. Attach a current dated transcript signed by a school administrator or counselor.
  3. Attach two documents verifying your, or a parent or guardian’s Westgate address.
  4. Complete the section Honors / Achievement / Community Service / Leadership (include years participated, organization, activities).
  5. List three references we may contact, at least one of whom is to provide a Letter of Recommendation which is to be attached.
  6. Attach at least one Letter of Recommendation.
  7. Attach two essays.
  8. Complete Signature of Certification.

Submit all of the above to scholarship@westgateneighbors.org no later than Sunday, April 30, 2023 at midnight

  1. The scholarship recipient will be notified via contact information provided on the application form.
  2. The recipient will provide the committee a Letter of Acceptance from the designated postsecondary school.
  3. The recipient will be asked to attend the May 2023 WNA Community Meeting, at which they will be introduced and the award presented.
  4. Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Office of the designated school, in August, after it is confirmed the student is officially enrolled for the fall semester.
2022 Winner Said Barud
2020 Winner Martin Paul Susec
2019 Winner Maxwell Lee
2018 Winner Olivia Rowe
2017 Winner Erica Loughner
2016 Winner Molly Brumfield
2015 Winner Heather Corson