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Unofficial West side ice cream trail

Westgate Columbus Buy/Sell/Trade is a closed Facebook group. New people joining every day!

Westgate Columbus Discussion Forum is a closed Facebook group. Request to join our forum!


The CWRC is a FREE Running & Walking club on Columbus, Ohio’s west-side with weekly group runs and running events. All events are self-paced, so no one is too fast or too slow! Join the conversation at

Friends of Camp Chase Trail formed in October 2013 to provide outreach and upkeep for the 15 mile trail. The Hilltop Action Team began meeting in December 2015 and is a subset of the Friends of Camp Chase Trail focusing on the 3 miles at the north end of the trail. The group is the advising body for the Camp Chase Trail Hilltop Action Plan. The Friends of the Hilltop 501(c)(3) is the Fiscal Agent for the Friends of the Camp Chase Trail including the Hilltop Action Team. Visit their website here. 

Friends of Camp Chase Trail Facebook Page

Friends of Camp Chase Trail Twitter Page


Their mission is to create a sense of well-being through environmental improvement, maintenance, and management, thus creating ownership and empowerment in the Greater Hilltop Area


The Greater Hilltop Area Commission is an elected, volunteer body, established by city charter and serving as a liaison body between the Greater Hilltop community and Columbus City Hall. Visit GHAC’s Facebook page

The Greater Hilltop Area Shalom Zone is a member of the International Communities of Shalom, which comprise a movement of like-minded people of faith and conscience invested in developing the spiritual, economic, and communal well-being of local neighborhoods.


Diversity has always been a way of life for the Highland West Civic Association, fully embraced by its residents and adding depth and the promise of great potential for our community.

Summer Jam West, the organization behind the community arts & music festival of the same name, is now the Hilltop Arts Collective.

Their goal is to bring family, friends and neighbors together, and to raise awareness on environmental and humanitarian concerns through art.

Visit or Hilltop Arts Collective on facebook for more info!

Hilltop Business Association was founded in 1926 as the Hilltop Businessmen’s Association. The HBA has hosted events such as the Historic Hilltop Bean Dinner, the Greater Hilltop Open, the Annual Fall Celebration, Deck the Hilltop, National Night Out Events. The HBA offers a way for business people in the Hilltop and the Westside to network and build cohesiveness among themselves.


The Hilltop Historical Society was founded in 1986 to promote the history of the Hilltop Area of Columbus, Ohio

Hilltop Historical Society Website & Facebook

Hilltop Memories U.S.A. Facebook Page  Please request to join us. Over 2,400 members!


The Westgate Neighbors Association is a major sponsor and proud supporter of the Westgate Farmers Market. Visit their website for 2020 dates and more details..

Westgate Farmers Market Facebook Page

Westgate Watch is an innovative, independent community crime and safety group that connects neighbors in real time through Facebook, text alerts, and email notifications.

Contact Garrett Raymond

Contact Kate Futty

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Westgate Neighborhood Scholarship


Applications accepted in March

The Westgate Neighbors Association Scholarship was established in 2015 as an extension of our mission to “help our community thrive”. The $1000 postsecondary education scholarship is funded by a portion of the proceeds from the Westgate Home & Garden Tour. It is awarded annually to a qualified resident of Westgate who contributes to the betterment of their community through their demonstrated service and leadership. While GPA and course selection are considered, the committee is focused more on the candidates’ involvement with their communities.

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  • Live within the boundaries of the Westgate neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio OR attend West High School. (Boundaries for the purpose of this scholarship are from the south side of West Broad Street to the the north side of Sullivant Avenue, and from the west side of South Hague Avenue to the west side of Demorest Road.)
  • Be a full-time student who will be attending a college or vocational school for the 2023-2024 academic year.

If it is determined by the scholarship committee that none of the applicants meet the eligibility requirements, or embody the standards by which the scholarship was established, we reserve the right not to award the scholarship for the current year.

  1. Complete the (interactive PDF) Application.
  2. Attach a current dated transcript signed by a school administrator or counselor.
  3. Attach two documents verifying your, or a parent or guardian’s Westgate address.
  4. Complete the section Honors / Achievement / Community Service / Leadership (include years participated, organization, activities).
  5. List three references we may contact, at least one of whom is to provide a Letter of Recommendation which is to be attached.
  6. Attach at least one Letter of Recommendation.
  7. Attach two essays.
  8. Complete Signature of Certification.

Submit all of the above to no later than Sunday, April 30, 2023 at midnight

  1. The scholarship recipient will be notified via contact information provided on the application form.
  2. The recipient will provide the committee a Letter of Acceptance from the designated postsecondary school.
  3. The recipient will be asked to attend the May 2023 WNA Community Meeting, at which they will be introduced and the award presented.
  4. Scholarship monies will be sent directly to the Financial Aid Office of the designated school, in August, after it is confirmed the student is officially enrolled for the fall semester.
2022 Winner Said Barud
2020 Winner Martin Paul Susec
2019 Winner Maxwell Lee
2018 Winner Olivia Rowe
2017 Winner Erica Loughner
2016 Winner Molly Brumfield
2015 Winner Heather Corson

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